Joseph Kincaid

Graduate Student


Flag of the United States


B.S., Oregon State University, 2018 


Joseph is the incumbent Head Gardener for the Lipshutz Group, a highly coveted position vital to the lab’s unimpeded operation.

In addition to gardening, Joseph does research. Currently, his research involves the development of new biodegradable peptide-based surfactants for organic synthesis in water. Other research interests include nickel-catalyzed cross-electrophile couplings and aqueous organic electrosynthesis.

As an undergrad at Oregon State, Joseph worked with the Koley group on electrochemical sensor design for the detection of bacterial metabolites, as well as the synthesis of a novel glucose-cored dendron for the formation of biocompatible hydrogels. He received the Top Analytical Chemist Award at Oregon State in 2018 and was awarded the UCSB Regents in Chemistry Fellowship for the 2018/19 academic year.

Fun facts

  • In his free time, Joseph enjoys hiking, kayaking, and an unhealthy addiction to gardening.