Scott L'Heureux

Graduate Student



B.S., Chemistry, California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo, 2023


Scott was born and raised in Santa Clara, CA. Originally pursuing a degree in civil engineering at Cal Poly, he took an organic chemistry class as an elective and fell in love. \At Cal Poly he worked with Dr. Daniel Bercovici, synthesizing and studying fragmentation kinetics of ylidenenorbornadienes (YNDs) via NMR spectroscopy, likely setting a Cal Poly record for NMR time. Scott spent summer 2021 at Sandia National Labs working with Nick Myllenbeck on various biofuel synthesis. In summer 2022 at Merck working with Dr. Abdellatif El Marrouni and Dr. Jose Montero Bastidas, Scott found his passion for medicinal chemistry while studying electrochemical and photoredox-catalyzed nickel cross-coupling reactions for use in late-stage functionalization.

Fun Facts

Scott loves to exercise and will weight lift or run daily. Other fun outdoor activities include hiking, walks and any kind of sport. He also enjoys talking with friends, reading (fantasy, science fiction, nonfiction), movies and video games.