The Lipshutz group is focused on research in several areas of synthetic organic chemistry. These include a heavy emphasis on green chemistry, where the goal is to devise new technologies aimed at getting organic solvents out of organic reactions.

More traditional methodologies are also under development, in many cases involving transition metal-catalyzed processes. Total syntheses are ongoing as well, with an accent on axially chiral, naturally occurring and physiologically active biaryls.

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Micelles work like nano-reactors to help chemistry become more natural.


Bruce Lipshutz receives a grant from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation to make antimalarial...

Recent Publications


"Surfactant Technology: With New Rules, Designing New Sequences Is Required!"

Lippincott, D. J.; Landstrom, E.; Cortes-Clerget, M.; Lipshutz, B. H.; Buescher, K.; Schreiber, R.; Durano, C.; Parmentier, M.; Ye, N.; Wu, B.; Shi, M.; Yang, H.; Andersson, M.; Gallou, F.   Org. Proc. Res. Dev. 2020, 24, 841 

“Development of ppm level active Pd catalysts for use under aqueous micellar conditions”

Lipshutz, B. H., Catalysis Review 2020, 33, 1

“A sustainable 1-pot, 3-step synthesis of boscalid using ppm level Pd catalysis in water”

Takale, B. S.; Thakore, R. R.; Mallarapu, R.; Gallou, F.; Lipshutz, B. H., Org. Proc. Res. Dev. 2020, 24, 101

“Continuous Flow Suzuki-Miyaura Couplings in Water Under Micellar Conditions in a CSTR Cascade Catalyzed by Fe/ppm Pd Nanoparticles”

Wood, A. B.; Jin, B.; Nadiwale, K. Y.; Mo, Y.; Pomberger, A.; Schultz, V. L.; Gallou, F.; Jensen, K. F.; Lipshutz, B. H. Green Chem. 2020, 22, 3441




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